Prayers to ISIS

Invocation of Isis: primary prayer said at beginning of worship

I beheld a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon at her feet. And on her head was a diadem of the twelve stars. Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou queen of love and mercy, thou crowned with the throne, thou hauled as with the Moon. Thou whose countenance is mild and glowing, even as grass refreshed by rain. Hear me, our Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou who art in matter manifest. Thou bride and queen as thou art mother and daughter of the Slain One. O thou who art the Lady of the Earth. Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. O thou Lady of the amber skin. Lady of love and of victory, bright gate of glory through the darkening skies. O crowned with the Light and life and love. Hear me, our Lady, hear and save by thy sacred flower, the Lotus of eternal life and beauty; by thy love and mercy; by thy wrath and vengeance; by my desire toward thee, by all the magical names of old hear me, O Lady, hear and save. Open thy bosom to thy child, stretch forth thy arms and strain me to thy breasts. Let my lips touch thy lips ineffable. Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save. Lift up thy voice to aid me in this critical hour. Lift up thy voice most musical. Cry aloud, O queen and mother, to save me from that I fear most. I invoke thee to initiate my soul. The whirling of my dance, may it be a spell and a link with thy great light, so that in the darkest hour, the Light may arise in me and bring me to thine own glory and incorruptibility. Isis am I, and from my life are fed all showers and suns, all moons that wax and wane, all stars and streams, the living and the dead, the mystery of pleasure and of pain. I am the Mother. I the speaking sea. I am the Earth in its fertility. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me, to me. Isis am I, and to my beauty draw. All glories of the Universe bow down, the blossom and the mountain and the dawn. Fruits blush and women are creations crowned. I am the priest, the sacrifice, the shrine. I am the love and life of the Divine. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, are surely mine, are mine. Isis am I, the love and light of Earth, the wealth of kisses, the delight of tears, the bowel and pleasure never come to birth, the endless infinite desire of years. I am the shrine at which thy long desire devoured thee with intolerable fire. I was sung music, passion, death upon thy lyre, thy lyre. I am the grail and I the glory now. I am the flame and fueler of thy breath. I am the star of God upon thy brow. I am thy queen enraptured and possessed. High do these sweet rivers welcome to the sea, ocean of love that shall encompass thee. Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me, to me. Hear, Lady Isis, and receive my prayer. Thee, thee I worship and invoke. Hail to thee, sole mother of my life. I am Isis, mistress of the whole land. I was instructed by Hermes, and with Hermes I invented the writings of the nations in order that not all should write with the same letters. I gave mankind their laws, and ordained what no one can alter. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos. I am the wife and sister of the king Osiris. I am she who rises in the dog star. I am she who is called the goddess if women. I am she who separated the heaven from the earth. I have pointed out their paths to the star. I have invented seamanship. I have brought together men and women. I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With my brother Osiris I made an end of cannibalism. I have instructed mankind in the mysteries. I have taught reverence of the divine statues. I have established the Temple precincts. I have overthrown the dominion of the tyrants. I have caused men to love women. I have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused truth to be considered beautiful. Come unto me and pledge unto me your loyalties as I pledge mine unto you. Oh mother Isis, great art thou in thy splendor, mighty is thy name and thy love has no bounds. Thou art Isis, who art all that ever was, and all that there is to be, for no mortal man hath ever unveiled thee. In all thy grace thou has brought forth the sun, the fruit that was born forth for the redemption of man. Oh Isis, Isis, Isis, graciously hear our cry unto thee, we mourn for thy blessings on us this day, every day, to nourish, to aid and to fill the emptiness within, that only you our beloved mother can satiate. Unto thee do we pledge our solemn oath of dedication, and for the power and glory of him the Unknowable One to witness our devotion to thee. For as we now receive thee into our hearts, we ask that you never leave us, in times of trial and joy, and even unto death."

Shorter Invocation:

I, Isis, am all that hath been that is or shall be,
I, who made light from my feathers, The wind from my wings,
No mortal man ever hath me unveiled! – Until now.

Morning Rite Prayer: said at awakening, or when calling on the goddess’s power before noon

Egyptian Translation
Nehes, nehes, nehes, Awake, awake, awake,
Nehes em hotep, Awake in peace,
Nehes em neferu Lady of Peace.
Nebet hotepet Rise thou in peace,
Weben em hotep, Rise thou in beauty.
Weben em nefuru, Goddess of Life,
Nutjert en Ankh, Beautiful in heaven,
Nefer em pet! Heaven is in peace.
Pet em hotep Earth is in peace.
Tu em hotep. O Goddess,
Nutjert sat Nut Daughter of Nut,
Sat Get, Daughter of Geb,
Merit Ausar; Beloved of Osiris,
Nutjert asha renu! Goddess rich in names!
Anekh brak. All praise to You.
Anekh brak. All praise to You.
Tu a atu. Tu a atu. Nebet Aset! I adore You. I adore You. Lady Isis

Noontime Rite:

From the land of morning I hail you Isis
I thank You for Your guidance
Through the hours between night and noon
Welcome to the softer sky of afternoon
Look ahead to the respite of dusk and evening

Evening Orison of Isis: Sunset

Hail Isis, glorious Goddess,
Day is done and the night is come,
The sun is set and the stars emerge
This is the Evening Rite,
The rite to end the day of light.
Let your instrument sound Your name,
Hailing You with all homage,
Isis glorious Goddess.
To the candle which the match I rise
On the altar set to You, Isis, glorious Goddess,
And the nighttime incense rises, sweetly mixed,
To put me in the mind of perceiving You
Isis, glorious Goddess
Who rises behind me like a flame of gold
And brushes my back with deft wings.
I make open the nape of my neck to You.
Let your portal welcome You, O Isis,
Great and glorious Goddess.
Up my hands rise and hold
The curved bow of exaltation,
And rise once more
To the sharp angle of invocation.
Come, oh great and glorious Goddess,
Come into the fullness of force and love,
Let your garment for a moment clothe You,
O Isis, Goddess great and glorious.

Rite of Night: Moonrise

I hail You and praise You,
Glorious Goddess,
At the end of this day which You granted me.
May my actions within its hours be
judged to be justified,
And my words within its hours found to be true.
Drain from me all ill intent and action;
I offer to You all energy I have locked
In unworthy action or reaction
May tomorrow by Your grace find me
Wiser and my joy in the Universe still greater.
I ask Your welcome now in the Temple;
Accept me this night for rest, for study, and for worship;
Grant me dreams of meaning and the memory to recall them.
Hail to You, Goddess of the Starry pathways,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Deep Black,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Shining Sun at Midnight,
May I partake of Your glory forever.

Prayer to the Mother:

Isis, Mother of us all,
Light that is all light,
Form that is all forms,
Beauty of Holiness,
From age to age,
Through countless ages,
You are ver-renewing
And ever-renewed.

We all came from Your Body,
We all came from Your Heart,
W all came from Your Soul.

Restore us to the perception of Truth,
The Truth of Your Love in all that is,
The Truth of Your Spirit in all that is,
The Truth of Your Presence in all that is.

Prayer to Osiris: _This prayer was meant especially for the worship of Osiris during spiritual celebrations such as rituals. _

Exalted art thou on thy throne,
O Osiris! Thou hast heard fair things,
O Osiris! Thy strength is vigorous,
O Osiris! Thy head is fastened on thy body,
O Osiris! Thy neck is made firm,
O Osiris! Thy heart is glad,
O Osiris! Thy speech is made effective,
O Osiris! Thy princess rejoice
Thou art established the Bull in Amentet.
Thy son Horus hath ascended
thy throne, and all life is with him.
Millions of years minister unto him,
and millions of years hold him in fear.
The company of the Gods are his servants,
and they hold him in fear.
The god Tem, the Governor,
the only One among the gods,
hath spoken, and his word passeth not away.

Creed: They proclaim that they are the followers and disciples of Isis as they recite this prayer, while offering worship to her.

We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Isis!


Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
Are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart.

Hymn to Isis:

I call upon you, Isis, most graceful and high of the High Ones
Hear your lowly servitor and grant your blessings
Most full and gentle
You whose crescent moon and stars
Encompass the world

Wave your arm, and strew the glittering dust of many worlds
Like seeds to be planted in the vast blackness of space
Step gently across the bridge of many colors
And rest in the mountains of flowers I wish for your offering
That they may shine

Swell the fruit of the land, make mother with child
Cause flying birds to nest, and bees to swarm
Make the endless procession of life grow full and bountiful
Bring water to the well and rain to the clouds
Cause your veils to fall upon barren earth
And make it holy

Bring warmth and richness into the hearts of men
O essence of joy without end
Radiant, beautiful, like the sun rising on a clear morning
Scattering the clouds and mists of the night
Into glittering droplets

Stand shining from that cloud which I see above me
Dance on the blossom growing by the fence
Bless the kettle in which I cook my food
Shine your light, that I may read by it
The wonders of heaven and earth

Call forth fruits in great abundance
Mangos, plums, and sweet cherries
Milk and wine, honey and oil
That men may grow with life and health
Like shining bubbles around a waterfall
Rising and falling

Smile down upon us, that we may see you, great mother
Set foot upon a flower, wife and lover of sunlight
Spread your innocent radiance through the skies, untouched one
That the earth may resound with your praises.

Apuleius’ Adoration of Isis:
“strengthen [his] crushed fortune, grant [him] respite and peace after the
endurance of dire ills; restore [him] to the site of his loved ones.”

Death Prayers:

Homage to thee, O great God, Lord of Maati! I have come unto thee, O my Lord, and I have brought myself hither that I may behold thy beauties. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of the Forty-two Gods who live with thee in this Hall of Maati, who live by keeping ward over sinners, and who feed upon their blood on the day when the consciences of men are reckoned up in the presence of the god Un-Nefer. In truth thy name is “Rehti-Merti-Nebti-Maati.”

Prayers to ISIS

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